Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Outing with my baby

Walking outside with my son for the first time at our apartment area. Thinking to ask my friend aka neighbour but my phone is running out of battery. And arghh I have forgotten my phone charger at mother-in-law's place. It seem's like many people gather at the neighbour kids playground with thier youngs. I decided to go there and say hello. As well as I reach the place a lady ask how old is my child and is my baby a boy or girl? My son name Aman and he is five month old.

Aman like to sleep outside. The weather is just nice, not so hot. The sky is so blue. I can see the white line of clouds from a plane exhaust. It is spring. Here in the north, sun is shinning abundantly upon us. Birds are tweeting to one another. Children are laughing and teasing each other. I also can see a yellow butterfly perching on a flower. What a beautiful day.

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