Sunday, August 10, 2014

Iskä was away

Assalamualaikum, i decide to update my blog after a long break. Please pardon me for my poor english. I must write in english so that all my family and friend can understand. 

Aman just recover from his fever and bad cough, Sara still suffer fr the same sickness (no more fever but cough n stuffy nose). We was at my MIL house for 2 nights, as Mika off to UK for an interview. 
We did BBQ on Saturday. Aman, Sara n me visited Aman's great grandparents Sinikka mummo and Tapio pappa. They looked so happy to see us. 
Now my turn catching flu :(

Today my hubby came home after few days visitting Brighton UK. We are so happy especially Aman. Aman got an atlas from his father (iskä). He repeat abc and numbers after me loudly. When we told him to say in normal tune he said oh I can't help it :D. I know he excited with the new book. Mika also bought me some megazines: 
-jamie recipes for chilled summer
-cake decoration heaven

When Mika was away aman did this on his apps:

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